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Metallicrap Metallicrap

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This is crap...

All you people are seeing this all wrong. Metallica fucking rocks. The reason for them suing Napster is not because fans are listining to their music but because their living was being destroyed. Here's the story: Their new single, 'I Disappear', was almost finished. Unfinished versions somehow appeared on Napster and people downloaded them (naturally). However, even some of the true Metallica fans thought the versions (not used in the end) were crap. This swayed most of them into thinking that Metallica's music had gone down the crapper. Granted, the music has changed; however, it's a different style and if you don't like what they're doing and you don't like their music now then just let it the fuck go an make some usefull movies for the portal. The majority of the population hates how boy and girl groups are taking over the music world but there are not half as many ugly and idiodic comments, movies, and articles about them. Why not target the true enemy here, lame ass pussies like yourselves who have nothing better to do than claim that Metallica sold out. True Metallica fans are still strong and won't be swayed and there is no room for posing Metallica fans so get the fuck out. End.